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Rubbing, Contact or Embedded Thermocouples

For measuring and/or monitoring high tempertures on braking systems.


Tim King T/A TKSensors, designs and manufactures rubbing or contact thermocouples for high temperature braking systems typically used in the motor sport industries as well as road vehicle testing, railways and aircraft.

Tim is the sole designer and manufacturer of the high temperature, tip sensitive, type K surface rubbing or contact thermocouple assemblies HTAxxxx.

I have been directly involved in the design, manufacturing and marketing of thermocouple and RTD assemblies and their applications since 1996 and been responsible for many new products across a variety of engineering industries in the global market.

Reference HTA1001 Brake rubbing or contact thermocouple with fully adjustable floating shoe.

Brake rubbing thermocouple with floating shoe HTA1001

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Reference HTA1001A Brake rubbing thermocouple but with additional support to the M.I. which is wrapped around the spring arm for use in high vibration or rugged conditions.

Brake rubbing thermocouple with floating shoe HTA1001A

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Reference HTA1006 Graphite tip alternative Brake rubbing or contact thermocouple which is self lubricating and has the ability for the tip to mould itself to the surface being measured.

Brake rubbing thermocouple with Graphite tip HTA1006

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Reference HTA1009 This ceramic body Brake rubbing or contact thermocouple is designed to be sprung loaded.

Brake rubbing thermocouple with ceramic body HTA1009

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Reference HTA1003 Embedded thermocouples for installation into the brake pad.

Brake pad embedded thermocouple HTA1003

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Reference Example Set-Ups Typical setups for the HTA1001 and the HTA1001A brake rubbing thermocouples.

Brake rubbing thermocouple setup1 HTA1001 Brake rubbing thermocouple setup2 HTA1001Brake rubbing thermocouple setup3 HTA1001

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